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A Midsummers Nights Dream at Stoneleigh Abbey
22nd June 2022

Five couples – three human, one fairy, and one mythical – find their relationships sorely tested, intimately probed and indecently exposed when a troupe of amateur theatricals bumble into the forest to rehearse a play.

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Pygmalion by DOT Productions
3rd July 2022

Could a Cockney Flower girl really be transformed into a Fair Lady?

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Peter Pan at Stoneleigh Abbey
26th July 2022

Wendy Darling is certain she saw the face of a boy at her bedroom window 3 floors up – yet no-one believes her. So who can blame her when she agrees to fly away to the idyllic Neverland with him? But is Neverland as perfect as it seems? Or will the evil Captain Hook and his band of pirates kill Peter and rule over it themselves?

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DOT Productions return to with their own adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book
24th August 2022

Join Mowgli as Bagheera and Baloo help him on his journey through the jungle back to the man- village . Watch as they encounter the monkeys, run from Shere Khan the tiger and get hypnotised by Kaa the snake.

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