Terms and Conditions

Legal stuff, please read this before making a booking.

The booking contract:
Thank you for booking with us. We both need a contract so that your rights and our rights are protected.
We have tried to make these as brief and clear as possible.
The booking is with us.
Your contract is with us and not with simpleERB.com who provide the booking technology, (or 5pm Ltd. the company that runs simpleERB.)
By using the Service you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of use.
You need to have the legal capacity to make a booking.
You must provide true and accurate information.
You are entering into a contract with us which means that you have to pay for the service, unless you have made any full or partial prepay arrangements.
The contract becomes legally binding on us only when you have received the confirmation email.
You can cancel the booking via email giving at least 24hours notice.
If you don’t turn up at the Abbey at or near the specified time we reserve the right to charge you a “no show” fee.
If you turn up with less than your booked number of people we reserve the right to charge you a partial “no show” fee.
If you turn up late at the restaurant we reserve the right to give away your table(s), although we will always endeavour to accommodate you at a later time if possible.
We reserve the right to cancel your booking if we are unable to provide the service to you.

Credit cards:
If we have asked you for a credit card number, we reserve the right to make a charge to this card for any of the reasons described above.

You will receive emails from us relating to confirmation of your booking.
If you have opted in to get marketing information from us we may send you emails about offers and services.
You may opt out of these at any time.
For the purposes of GDPR regulations, we are the “Data Controller” and simpleERB.com is the “Data processor”.

Allergies and intolerances:
Please note that you MUST notify your server at our restaurant before you dine of any allergy or intolerance issues that you may have.
For the avoidance of doubt any information passed by you to us through this service, by email, by telephone or by any other means, does not constitute receipt of such information by ourselves.

Our booking technology partners, simpleERB.com and 5pm Ltd strive for the highest levels of security but please note that information carried over the internet is not 100% secure.
Neither we nor our booking technology partners accept any liability for loss, damages or costs associated with the use of this service, including viruses, data loss or consequential loss.
We try and keep our data up to date but we accept no responsibility for any damage or consequential loss arising from inaccurate data or your reliance upon it.

If you choose to leave a review of a meal with us vai simpleERB, we reserve the right to publish it without payment to you.

Rights and jurisdiction:
We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.
The onus is on you to check the current terms and conditions.

Stoneleigh Abbey, Stoneleigh Abbey, , Stoneleigh , Kenilworth, CV8 2LF
Phone: 01926858535
Email: bookings@stoneleighabbey.org