Summer house and Fountain

Walking past the Victorian Conservatory you come to a picturesque thatched structure supported by tree trunks. It dates from the early 1800's and has an amazing twig latticed ceiling, each branch carefully configured to create an astonishing effect. If you walk around the back of the structure you will see an unusual handcrafted. curved wooden door.

The fountain close by, used to be the central focus of a rose garden. The fountain also dates from the early 1800s and is made of Coade stone. This is an artificial stone, named after its creator Eleanor Coade. It was very fashionable to decorate Georgian buildings with ornate features and this material was popular because it could be moulded into complex shapes. The elaborate pedestal is cast to resemble

entwined branches and the edge resembles a rock formation that contains within it,a variety of animals!

In front of you are the early 18th Century walls of the kitchen gardens and orchards.

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