Donations and sponsorships

Sponsor a bird or bat box

Stoneleigh Abbey has a bird/bat box sponsorship scheme.

The boxes can be sponsored as a memorial for a loved one or a present for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration.

Sponsoring a box will enable Stoneleigh Abbey to continue providing habitat and shelter for our local birds and bats.


Bird boxes provide safe, dry and secure nesting sites for woodland birds which are in decline nationally. 

During winter, the boxes can be the difference between life or death as they give much needed shelter from the worst of the weather.

Bat boxes replace naturally occurring crevices and holes in trees which bats use for roosting.

In well-maintained trees these crevices are often removed through pruning and felling.


The boxes can be sponsored between 5 and 25 years.


  • (includes a contribution towards maintenance)

  • £50 for 5 years

  • £100 for 15 years

  • £150 for 25 years


  • The boxes available for sponsorship are located through out the Stoneleigh Abbey grounds.

  • It is not possible to guarantee a requested location as the number of boxes in an area is strictly controlled

  • Every box is numbered and the location recorded, and you will have a certificate with details of your box location.


  • The Bird boxes are made of woodcrete (a mix of wood and concrete) which is guaranteed for 25 years and squirrel-proof

  • You will be sponsoring an existing box, unless a new box is needed

  • The boxes are specifically designed for forest and park environments and are suitable for a number of different bird and bat species

Timescale for installation

  • Usually 6–8 weeks from the time of order if a new box is needed

What you get

  • A bird/bat box

  • A location and ID. Number

  • The box will be cleaned out each year and its use monitored (if not used over a three year period it may be moved to another location)

For more information please

phone 01926 858535 or email

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